Open Positions

December 18, 2018

Software Engineer

It will be fun to do research here!

Are you interested in genome sciences? Would you enjoy contributing to molecular biology using computers? We might have a space for you.

Graduate Students

We are always interested in enthusiastic graduate students at Masters and Doctoral levels. Depending on the project we might be able to provide scholarships. The open positions will be announced here. Please inquire at or through our contact form.

Rule of thumb: You need to have either a coding skill OR an extreme motivation in learning how to code.


You are welcomed! Dr. Adebali is a molecular biologist by training, and he gained computational skills during his PhD. So, why wouldn’t you be able to do the same? We will teach the basics of computing and expect you to develop your computing skills during your time in our lab.

Computer scientists?

Of course! Here, you will be trained in biology. We will teach you how to use your computing skills in understanding biological events at a molecular level.

Other disciplines?

Yes! There are two criteria; you must have (i) an enthusiasm in genome sciences and (ii) willingness to work with computers.

Undergraduate students

Sabanci University Students

Please inquire only if you are enthusiastic about our studies. Send an e-mail stating your intention and attach your CV along with your unofficial transcript.

Other Institutes

It might be possible to have an internship in our lab. Please send your letter of motivation, CV including at least 2 reference contacts as well as your unofficial transcript.


Keep an eye on our job postings. We do have an open postdoc position. The position will remain open until satisfactorily filled in.

Postdoctoral fellowship available

If you would like to work with us and get a postdoctoral fellowship from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Sabanci University, consider applying here!